Sunday, July 6, 2008

Lydia & Family

My dear friend, Lydia came to visit with her family including grown up Zoe and Emma who I hadn't met yet. She was the Assistant Director before me and we started the same year here at Westmont. They moved to St. Louis this year (which is why I moved to Ocean View) where Alex got a job. They are moving again to Kentucky where Alex will teach at a seminary. We're excited for them but sure do miss them here in Santa Barbara!

Saturday, July 5, 2008


Duane & I are loving our first full weekend here in town and with no plans. It's SOO nice! We decided to head to Solvang for the day. We bought some treats at Mortensen's bakery and I went to save a table outside. When Duane came out with the box of treats, he had me open the box and I saw 2 tickets lying there. Confused, I pulled them out thinking they were coupons or something. They were 2 tickets to see James Taylor at the Santa Barbara bowl in August!!!! I was thrilled! background is that I tried to buy them in March (I love James Taylor) but they were already sold out. I've mentioned a few times how bummed I am that we didn't get tickets. Well, Duane has been looking on Craig'slist, found some, & coordinated for us to pick them up TODAY on our way to Solvang. He told me he needed to run into OSH hardware store to grab something and I just stayed in the car talking to my mom. He actually had coordinated to meet the guy there to get the tickets and I had NO idea. I'm excited about the concert, but more touched by his surprise planning!

4th of July

This was my first 4th of July in Santa Barbara and the last first holiday for Duane and me to spend together. We enjoyed a pancake breakfast with the McCarter's and several other friends, a parade downtown, and biking to the beach for the fireworks. It was such a fun atmosphere because they block off the streets and everyone is walking and biking in the streets and gathering on the beach to watch. They have food set up, music, and it is just a really fun atmosphere -- we felt very "Santa Barbara" (whatever that means) -- except when Duane was walking around with his helmet on for a long time! We joined up with Lloyd, Tammy, and the boys and had so much fun watching the boys watch the fireworks. Brodie could hardly contain himself he was so excited -- exclaiming, "I love that color, I love that color, I love that color". Also, asking why they were called "fireworks" and all of us attempted to answer how fireworks actually, "you have to light them on fire for them to work"