Sunday, July 6, 2008

Lydia & Family

My dear friend, Lydia came to visit with her family including grown up Zoe and Emma who I hadn't met yet. She was the Assistant Director before me and we started the same year here at Westmont. They moved to St. Louis this year (which is why I moved to Ocean View) where Alex got a job. They are moving again to Kentucky where Alex will teach at a seminary. We're excited for them but sure do miss them here in Santa Barbara!

Saturday, July 5, 2008


Duane & I are loving our first full weekend here in town and with no plans. It's SOO nice! We decided to head to Solvang for the day. We bought some treats at Mortensen's bakery and I went to save a table outside. When Duane came out with the box of treats, he had me open the box and I saw 2 tickets lying there. Confused, I pulled them out thinking they were coupons or something. They were 2 tickets to see James Taylor at the Santa Barbara bowl in August!!!! I was thrilled! background is that I tried to buy them in March (I love James Taylor) but they were already sold out. I've mentioned a few times how bummed I am that we didn't get tickets. Well, Duane has been looking on Craig'slist, found some, & coordinated for us to pick them up TODAY on our way to Solvang. He told me he needed to run into OSH hardware store to grab something and I just stayed in the car talking to my mom. He actually had coordinated to meet the guy there to get the tickets and I had NO idea. I'm excited about the concert, but more touched by his surprise planning!

4th of July

This was my first 4th of July in Santa Barbara and the last first holiday for Duane and me to spend together. We enjoyed a pancake breakfast with the McCarter's and several other friends, a parade downtown, and biking to the beach for the fireworks. It was such a fun atmosphere because they block off the streets and everyone is walking and biking in the streets and gathering on the beach to watch. They have food set up, music, and it is just a really fun atmosphere -- we felt very "Santa Barbara" (whatever that means) -- except when Duane was walking around with his helmet on for a long time! We joined up with Lloyd, Tammy, and the boys and had so much fun watching the boys watch the fireworks. Brodie could hardly contain himself he was so excited -- exclaiming, "I love that color, I love that color, I love that color". Also, asking why they were called "fireworks" and all of us attempted to answer how fireworks actually, "you have to light them on fire for them to work"

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wedding Present

Duane commissioned Scott Anderson (who did designed our wedding invitations/programs/thank you cards with Lloyd's artwork) to paint a painting for my wedding present. The funniest part was that I had asked Scott to do a painting for Duane and I guess I asked about 24 hours after Duane had asked! Pretty funny that we both had the same idea so Scott and Duane were quite excited about the little secret since Scott had told me he was "too busy" this spring to do it. I was shocked when I opened the painting realizing what had happened! Here it is in our kitchen. We LOVE it and are BOTH excited about it!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

San Diego and Aunt Jan

Aunt Jan was in San Diego for business so we took advantage of the excuse to see her and to check out San Diego. I hadn't been there since running the marathon 2 years ago and was a little preoccupied then anyway. We spent the day at the zoo (it was VERY hot), enjoyed lots of laughs with Aunt Jan, and Padre's game. We forgot our camera but thanks to a co-worker from Westmont I saw at the zoo she sent some animal pics to us. so -- here's to cute pandas!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Luke's graduation

The family celebrations continued with the Torjesen side this weekend for Luke's college graduation. We also got to see our dear friends, Em and Dan for a night before they move to Equador. After our wedding & Kenny/HIlary's wedding-- Luke decided to go the other extreme and bbq rattlesnake. um.... I didn't try it but apparently it 'tastes like chicken". Congrats, Luke. We're excited for your new job in San Diego and hope we see you soon!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Kenny and Hilary

The weekend we came back from Maine we got to go to Duane's cousin's wedding (Kenny and HIlary). It was at the Biltmore Hotel and absolutely gorgeous. The whole evening was wonderful and fun to be at a wedding less than 2 weeks after our own. Congrats Kenny and Hilary! We're excited to be family with you.

Thursday, June 5, 2008


Thanks to the gracious gift of the Jones family, we went to Calais, ME and enjoyed a peaceful, relaxing, beautiful week and a half in ME. We were also able to go to Prince Edward Island a few hours away for a few days. We used to vacation there as a family growing up so it was fun for me to go back there with Duane! We stayed in a cool, OLD inn that was renovated in PEI so Duane loved looking at the building. We had some great hikes, canoe rides, and a day in Acadia National Park at the end. Thanks, Jones for such a great honeymoon spot! We loved Maine!

Wedding Weekend!

We had such an amazing weekend for our wedding. In hindsight, we can't imagine being more joyful, peaceful, or excited. We have described it as a taste of heaven with so many of our dear friends and family in the same place at the same time. Truly overwhelming to look at and given group of people and to see friends from college, family, and Noah's -- not to mention friends and family of Duane's as well. We truly felt ushered through the gate of marriage throughout the weekend and so supported and loved! Some of the weekend highlights: square dancing, watching everyone come forward during communion, taking the group picture and literally being enveloped by everyone, dancing with my dad, seeing duane for the first time, hanging out at the beach relaxing with people from out of town the day before, Duane leading us in camp songs at the rehearsal dinner, being pronounced man and wife! Here are some pictures from the weekend to give a taste to those who weren't able to be there and hopefully some fun memories for those who were! We love you all -- we feel humbled by your love and support for us!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Wedding Party

We are thrilled that Audrey's dad, forever pastor, and friend, Gerald will be marrying us as well as Jim Meyer -- Duane's pastor, professor, and friend during graduate school days.

Mindy Stigall - A's favorite sister & maid of honor. Vivacious.
Trisha DeYoung- A's Gordon friend & wise listener. Compassionate.
Gwyneth Jones- A's Gordon to grad school "high context" friend. Loyal.
Amanda Payne- A's Noah's Ark roomie & insightful question asker. Joyful.
Lisa Poblenz- A's fellow college prankster & truthspeaking friend. Genuine.
Emily Walker- A's travel partner & Noah's Ark comrade. Balanced.

J. Lloyd Johnsen- D's favorite brother & Best Man. Focused.
Mandy Lake- D's friend from college days at WCU. Wise.
Ryan McCaffrey- D's roommate from HoneyRock. Passion.
Rob Morgan- D's friend going back to 7th grade at MMI. Faithful.
Steph Petry- D's Northern Frontier summertime amigo. Discerning.
Randy Sheagley- D's PBU & the Barn years friend. Sincere.

How We Met and the Engagement

Meeting: We met through a number of friends who had mentioned one another to the other for some time. But the big Kahuna when it came to putting the ball in motion was Duane's sister-in-law, Tammy! Duane contacted Audrey and it was full force from the get-go! Those Johnsen Boys don't mess around! Like Flatt & Scruggs sing, Johnsen boys taught them pretty girls don't be afraid.

Engagement: Sunrise. Games. A hike. Bluffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean. (Kinda' like Rocky Top) It was followed by a surprise party at Duane's place with many family and friends. Duane COMPLETELY surprised Audrey which was fun for us! Both of our families were in town for Thanksgiving so it was so special to have them there to celebrate with us.


From North:
Exit Coast Village Rd. and turn L
L at stop sign onto Hot Springs Rd.
L at stop sign onto Sycamore Canyon Rd.
R at 2nd stop sign onto Cold Spring Rd.
Bear L onto La Paz at top of the hill and go through entrance Parking will be on left and otherwise directed when you arrive

From South:
Exit Olive Mill and turn R
L onto Hot Springs Rd.
R onto Sycamore Canyon Rd.
Same directions as for N from here on

1106 State St.
State St./Figueroa St.

1202 Chapala St.
Chapala St. (one street W of State St)/Anapamu St.

From South: 101N exit Cabrillo Blvd & turn L
From North: 101S exit Cabrillo Blvd. & turn R
Follow Cabrillo for approx 1/2 mile until
you are parallel with the ocean
(bird refuge pond on your right)
We will be near the volleyball courts

Exit Santa Claus Lane
Drive straight for 1/2 mile
It is on the R (beach side)

Los Angeles International (LAX)
-located 1 1/2 hrs. south of SB
-car rentals or Santa Barbara Airbus

Burbank (Bob Hope airport)
- located 1 1/2 hrs. south of SB
- car rentals or train to SB

Santa Barbara Airport
-located 15 min. north of SB
-car rentals


Motel 6 on the Beach ("Stigall")
443 Corona Del Mar
Santa Barbara, CA
Pool, coffee, no breakfast
On the beach
Rooms reserved until April 23rd

Motel 6 ("Stigall")
3505 State St.
Santa Barbara, CA
Pool, coffee, no breakfast
Rooms reserved until April 23rd

Quality Inn ("Stigall/Johnsen")
3055 De La Vina
Santa Barbara, CA
Pool and free breakfast
Rooms reserved until April 23rd

Ramada Inn ("Stigall/Johnsen")
4770 Calle Real
Santa Barbara, CA
Pool, free breakfast, free shuttle from Amtrak & SB airport
Rooms reserved until April 28th

Parkside Inn ("Stigall/Johnsen")
1111 E. Cabrillo Blvd.
Santa Barbara, CA 93101
Pool, fitness room, on the beach
Rooms reserved until April 25th

Weekend Activities

Friday - 2:00pm
Tea for Family & Bridal Party Women
Andersen's Bakery

Friday - 5:30pm
Rehearsal- Wedding Party
Westmont College

Friday- 7pm
Rehearsal Dinner- Wedding Party & Immediate Family
China Pavilion

Saturday- 10-2
Beach time for fun and sun with anyone here in Santa Barbara
Bring some water, lunch, and sunscreen
Snacks will be provided
East Beach

Saturday - 5:00
Dinner for out of town friends and family
Invitation forthcoming
Beach Grill at Padaro

Monday, January 14, 2008

Wedding/Reception Details

May 25, 2008
Westmont College: Kerrwood Lawn
955 La Paz Rd.
Santa Barbara, CA

Reception immediately following the ceremony at Westmont.